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Dan Zen presents a zany art-theft mystery with eccentric characters, double identities, red herrings, and more! The "Lady with Brooch" has been stolen from the mansion of Professor Y. You are the Architect of this rather unusual home and have been invited with others to try and shed the light on the mystery.

Here is a SAMPLE of what the mystery looks like. The game requires the free plugin, SHOCKWAVE. It is well worth getting the plugin and following the 2 minute instructions for installation.

The mystery was written by the Moustache with character drawings by Greg Rennick and mansion drawings by Dan Zen.

Aside from the original presentation , the exciting characters in the "Clue" tradition, and the humdinger of a plot, Lady with Brooch is one of the most advanced mysteries in terms of character interaction. It features O.S.C.I. or Off-Screen Character Interaction. Characters tell you what they are learning from other characters. Some keep secrets better than others and some get the story right better than others.

The mystery could keep you going for a few hours so we suggest you download a version to your desktop and play it from there. Here is a SELF-EXTRACTING ZIP file for the PC. Just download it and double click it. Then drop the brooch.html file on your browser icon or window. You will want the ARIAL font too if you don't have it. And here is a STUFFED file for Mac users.

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And now, for those of you who for some reason or another are not downloading the mystery for your desktop above, we present LADY WITH BROOCH. The download is 420K but you get 5 fully navigable rooms, animated characters in multiple positions, instantaneous play, save capabilities and lots to solve.

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