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You've just read an advert in the paper:

The BARON DIGBODY requires a cook, a butler, a chauffeur, and a grounds keeper. Come to the castle in person at the allotted date and hour.

This is it, Gloves, you are looking for someone new to drive - your last three passengers had heart problems...

The one thing that intrigues you is that all the staff seem to be saught. What happened to the old staff? Well, this won't scare you off, after all, you are the suave mystery-seeker type. Let's check it out...

The mystery is fully interactive. As you play, characters talk to you and you will talk to them. You can move around the rooms and as you learn more, so does everyone else through O.S.C.I. (off-screen character interaction) which adds an uncanny realism. You have full memory of what people tell you - but some things you'll want to forget!

Solving this castle caper will probably take some time so you are welcome to download the mystery and play it offline. You can also play it online. Either way, you can save where you leave off. The game requires the free Shockwave plugin.

The mystery was written by the Moustache with character drawings by Greg Rennick and castle drawings by Dan Zen.

Let us know what you think through the feedback link. Best of luck and make sure to invite your friends! Get the booklets for a home mystery party! We've had amazing parties with this one! Be the talk of your town and have fun.


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